The VIP Treatment
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Friday, February 27, 2015
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I spent several years working in “artist relations,” which basically means that when rock stars would arrive on the day of their concert at a venue, I was the person who greeted them when they pulled into the parking lot and looked after them until after their concert was over at the end of the night.

I worked at this job for almost seven years, so I know all about what goes on backstage and exactly what stars expect in their “star treatment.”

I’ve read their dressing room catering requirements, seen their required protocol for press and interview requests, and I’ve even reviewed the random little details about how they want their hotel rooms and dressing rooms set up for their arrival. (Everything from scented candles to leopard print pillows to Penta water and Cristal champagne.  I even had one artist request a monkey. True story.)

I had several tour managers tell me that I was the best artist relations person they had ever worked with (aw, shucks…), and this was a high compliment coming from guys who had been in the business for over 30 years.

Once, Selena Gomez’s tour manager, Mark told me that he had never worked with someone who had shown the attention to detail and professionalism that I demonstrated.

High praise indeed from someone running the national tour for an A-list artist.

What on earth does this have to do with boudoir photography, you may ask?

Well, since I know exactly how to treat a rock star right, that means I know exactly how to treat you like a rock star!

It also means that I’ve seen several stars without their professional hair and make-up, and so I can assure you that without all that, they’re just regular women - just like you and me!

It takes a little TLC to get them looking all glamorous, too, so they’re really not that much different from us.

Interestingly enough, many stars have quite a lot of insecurities (again, just like you & me). Seeing them backstage – as “real” people – made them more relatable, made them vulnerable, and made them human.

Most importantly, it made me realize that the real women (like you) aren’t that far away from being a red-carpet siren, too.

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