The Siren Boudoir Experience

What's It Like...?

A Siren Boudoir session with me is up close & personal, like "pillow talk" in photography: a unique experience that reveals your true spirit by opening you up to a part of yourself that you may never have truly known or explored. It's an intimate, revealing experience (no pun intended!) - a safe place to open up, to let your guard down and be who you really are. When you view your finished images for the first time, I want you to feel truly transformed by this experience because you have come to see and celebrate the most genuine form of yourself.

I believe a boudoir session should be more personal than any other type of photo session. I want each woman who books a shoot with me to feel like she's in the company of a close friend from the moment she arrives on set. You'll come as a client, and leave as a friend.

This is meant to be fun - a female-bonding experience, like you are now part of a secret club open only to the elite few who have been brave enough to take this daring step into self-love and acceptance. I want you to feel like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, transformed by this experience. I want you to go out for a night on the town after your session, still bubbling with confidence and feeling like you're smokin' hot! (Because you are!) I want you to feel like a SIREN!

Why "SIREN"?

Siren Boudoir was inspired by the belief that inside every woman, there is a Siren waiting to be revealed. What makes each woman sexy is not the same, just as every woman is not the same.

I took further inspiration from the myths and legends of the sirens who could bespell a man with their voices, as well as from the more modern incarnations of the sirens of the silver screen in Hollywood starting around 1940 and 1950, and moving up to modern-day leading ladies who have that special something.

I want you to feel like you are otherworldly, iconic, and unforgettable - something worthy of legend.

Real Women, Real Sexy

I want to help you see yourself in the way that you truly are: gorgeous, vibrant, beautiful - because of what makes you different, unique, and quirky. (Not in spite of it!) That's why my motto is: "Real Women. Real Sexy."

It's my mission to enrich the life of each woman I photograph by making her feel like a star - even if just for one day! To treat you like a queen and capture images that are created to glorify your image and preserve it to cherish forever. To empower you by helping you to see and embrace your true beauty - now. Not after you lose 10 pounds. Not after you work up the nerve. Right now.

Who's It For...?

My clients have been all different ages and backgrounds: from twenty-somethings to the moms of twenty-somethings, single ladies to single moms, dedicated bachelorettes to happily married women, ladies finding love again after 50, and even breast cancer survivors looking to reclaim their sense of lost femininity through sensual imagery that celebrates their changed body after their victorious fight with cancer, battle scars and all!

Why Do It...?

The images that we create together are meant to capture that feeling of beauty and triumph and preserve it forever, whether just for you, or to share with the one you love. The experience of a Siren Boudoir session is meant to be luxurious, indulgent, and unique: a chance for you to splurge on yourself and celebrate your sensuality as a woman. I want your session to be fantasy with a touch of honesty. I want it to be an event you remember fondly for the rest of your life.

True sexiness transcends physical beauty, and can come through in personality, charm, intelligence, wit, sensuality, physicality, and most importantly, through the power of a woman's spirit. I want to help you coax your inner Siren into being!

Complete Confidence

I also want you to rest assured that I will NEVER post your images online without your permission. All the lovely ladies you see on my site or my blog have given their full blessing. So, fear not! If you want your images to be for your eyes only, I will respect your wishes 100%! Your sexy is safe with me.