Love/Hate Relationship with Beauty
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Sunday, June 24, 2012
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Every woman I know has a love/hate relationship with beauty.

Those who rally against traditional standards of beauty often do so because they feel those standards exclude them. They throw all other attributes and achievements into sharp focus and downplay physical appearance as though it doesn’t matter.

All those other things should matter, and perhaps physical appearance shouldn’t matter as much as it does. However, it does, and it has mattered since the dawn of time.

Though the definition of beauty has evolved through the centuries and continues to shift and grow, it has always mattered and always will to the human race, even to infants who are newborn to this world and haven’t had time to be socialized yet.

Those who do fit into traditional standards often are secretly insecure and require a lot of external reassurance because they feel like they’re on shaky ground, because that beauty won’t last forever.

Traditional standards tend to emphasize youth above all, and so even the most drop-dead gorgeous knockout woman can’t stop from changing as the years pass. Gravity changes us, motherhood changes us, laughter and tears both leave their marks on our faces.

Plastic surgery and Botox or other fillers are an attempt; but even the most extreme steps in medicine and skin care still won’t stop time.

The mirror becomes an enemy instead of a friend as the years go by because it starts to betray her, it erodes her sense of self and replaces her residual self-image with the face of a stranger.

My Stepmom was once looking at old pictures of herself and she commented, “I used to be so self-conscious and now, looking back, I can see that I had it. Ten years from now, I’ll look back at pictures of myself now and say, ‘I had it’!”

But why should you wait ten years to see that you have it?

What if there was a way to stop struggling against who you feel like you should be, and learn to love who you really are?

What could be done to help you see that you are beautiful, right now, as is?

My mission, the whole reason I do what I do, is:

To give you a transformative experience, so you feel like a butterfly emerging from her cocoon.

To help you love the woman you see in the mirror today, not for who you were 10 years ago or 20 pounds ago, and not by forcing you into some narrow-minded mold of beauty that feels unnatural to you.

To give you a sense of being reborn and freed from the prison of insecurity and self-criticism.

To bring out the beauty that you know is inside you… No scalpel required.

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