Classy, Not Trashy
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Wednesday, April 08, 2015
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We get ambushed everywhere with images of half-naked women on men's magazines, on professional ad campaigns, in fashion magazines - so much so that it's hard to keep these things from our daughter's eyes.

Everyone knows the phrase "sex sells," and almost everything gets over-sexualized in today's marketing and advertising campaigns. Even a campaign for something as benign as mascara took a turn down the shocking road when they introduced a vibrating wand. Good lord...

I used to work late hours, and I remember being traumatized when I would come home to find my ex husband watching "The Man Show" with my daughter (who was about 1 year old at the time) in the room, watching with him.

Once she mimicked the girls in the commercials for "Girls Gone Wild" that aired during that show, by raising her shirt and showing us her bare belly - all with the complete naïveté of a toddler and her pacifier in her mouth. And it still took a LOT of persistence to get him to stop watching that show with her in the room, but thank God he finally did stop!

I got really irate and told him that I most certainly did not want her highest ambition in life to be becoming a "Juggy Girl," bouncing on a trampoline in a bikini for male viewers' pleasure.

Now, I'm not a prude by any means (I shoot boudoir, for goodness' sake!) but I do believe there is a distinct line between sexy and trashy.

Sexy can still be classy, whereas trashy - that's the kind of thing that your mom would smack you upside the head for being dressed like or behaving as. At least my mom sure would.

Trashy is when the emphasis is not on the sensuality or the beauty of a woman, but rather it has the feel of being aimed solely at triggering arousal in the viewer.

My work and artistic vision is definitely not about being trashy.

I want to herald the return of classy to Boudoir photography. Even the full nudes of Marilyn Monroe still felt classy!

It is possible to get images that are completely sexy and classy at the same time.

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