Boudoir as Therapy
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Thursday, January 12, 2012
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Several times now, I've talked to a client who has told me, "I'm having trouble in my relationship right now because of (fill in the blank). I really need this experience!"

Then we get to the day of the shoot and maybe she's a little nervous at first, but once we get into a flow and she starts letting her guard down, and before she knows it she's feeling amazing ~ and this is all BEFORE she ever sees her images!

Then she leaves my home studio at the end of the session and at some point before the day is over, she sends me a text that looks something like this:

THIS is exactly the kind of profound, powerful impact that doing a boudoir photo shoot can have on your self-esteem (and your life).  THIS is exactly why I do this!

If you've recently gone through some kind of huge life-changing event, maybe you should give this a try! This goes for any big life transition: whether you're getting married - or getting divorced! Maybe you just had a baby, or your kids are all in school now and you finally feel like you're starting to get your groove back. Or perhaps you've just finished your diet and you're feeling like a million bucks because you hit your goal weight; or you've just gained 20 pounds and POOF! Suddenly you have a bustline for the first time in your life. (That's what happened to me!)

Whatever the reason, I have yet to have a client who has walked out of her boudoir session feeling like anything less than the gorgeous goddess that she is. Why wouldn't you want to feel that way? (And trust me, you will!)

Long before I ever picked up a camera, I was on the other side of the lens in my lingerie. I know exactly how it feels, ladies! There's nothing more pampering than dedicating a whole day to making yourself up, feeling sexy, and (bonus!) getting some images of yourself at the end of the experience that will last you a lifetime.

It's not vanity (so don't let yourself feel guilty for wanting to do this); sometimes it's therapeutic!

Sometimes you need to see yourself mirrored in someone else's eyes (or my lens!) to see just how beautiful you really are.

There's nothing wrong with needing a little confidence booster once in a while. We all have bad days.

Well, the boudoir experience is one way to almost guarantee that you'll have one of the BEST days of your life!

Glamour or boudoir sessions are one of many ways of celebrating one of life's changes (engagement, marriage, or a new trend I recently heard of - divorce parties!) and it can give you a pick-me-up in a way that few other things can.

Every woman jokes about having pictures to show her grandkids someday to prove how hot grandma was way back when, but how many of us actually have the backbone to go do it?

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