A Study in Contrasts
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Friday, February 13, 2015
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The world is full of contrasts, and each enhances the other: light and dark, hot and cold, angular and curvy.

I like to use art to explore the contrasts within a person: the mother who’s also a goddess, the shy lady who’s an unexpected bombshell, the 50-year old who’s still rockin’ the vivacity (and the bod) of a 30-something.

Women are complex individuals with so much depth and diversity all emanating from one person, and I *LOVE* that!

I love the pretty girl who can throw a punch, I love the business mogul with the softer side, I love the smarty-pants who makes the airhead comment from time to time, I love the single mom who’s secretly a dominatrix.

I love that everyone has a hidden self, and I love to play up that contrast! I love to watch it unfold and take shape as the client gets more and more comfortable during a session.

Sweet side, sexy side, innocent side, dramatic side – they’re all so rich and full of life and so very worth exploring.

But this is not for the faint of heart!

Oh no…

This is for the woman who’s ready to do something brave, unforgettable, and dynamic. Something she’s never done before. Take a risk. Take a chance. See herself through new eyes.

Oh yes… This is for the lady who’s ready to do something bold.

And as the Latin proverb says, fortune favors the bold!

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