Behind the Lens

I'm a woman and a wife and a mom, with all the same insecurities as most of my clients.

I know what it feels like to wonder when or where or how I lost my mojo. I know what it feels like to get divorced, have a broken heart and wonder if you'll ever feel sexy and desirable again. I know what it feels like to find love again and feel like a million bucks because of that, but still fee like the passing time has still taken its toll and deep down, want to experience something that makes me feel drop-dead gorgeous.

And most importantly, I know that if I don't feel good about myself, it doesn't matter what anyone else feels about me. True self-confidence has to come from within, not from outside yourself.

That's why I do what I do. I know what it feels like to lose yourself in motherhood, working full time, being a wife or girlfriend or fiancée, and wondering where all the time you used to spend taking care of yourself has disappeared to. I designed my sessions to make the woman in front of my lens feel pampered and -- at the end of the day -- to feel more beautiful than she ever has before in her life.

Because you feel seen. You feel appreciated. You feel amazing -- because you ARE.

And no, you don't have to get naked to do shoot with me. The degree of undress is completely up to your comfort level.

Don't know how to pose? Don't worry! My background as a performer in dance and circus gives me a unique knowledge of posing and lines, so I know tons of elegant posing techniques that flatter the female form. Rest assured, you can leave all of that posing stuff up to me! You can just relax, be yourself, and let me guide you through it. We don't want you to look all stiff and posed anyway.

Plus, my experience as a performer makes me think of things in a more theatrical sense, as opposed to just envisioning a standard portrait. We're setting a scene! I tend to think of how you want the audience to see you when the lights first come up on stage. There's nothing like making an unforgettable entrance! I want your images to be showstoppers. I want you to be breathless for a moment when you first see them. I want a strong reaction!

Most of all, I want the woman in the images (YOU!) to feel like an absolute STAR when she sees herself for the first time like that. (And if your honey likes them too, well then that's just a bonus!)

Fellow photographer and artist Paolo Mascatelli called my work ‘fantasy with a touch of honesty,’ and I'd say that hits pretty close to the mark.

I want to capture YOU -- but with a bit of mystery and fascination mixed in. I want to evoke a side of you that you never felt comfortable revealing before (or maybe you never even knew existed) and capture it so that you can cherish that side of yourself forever.